Somatic Experiencing ® (or SE™), is a healing-centered approach to working with stress, overwhelm, and traumatic patterns in the body.

SE™ provides the basic natural healing and core nervous system skills, and includes mindfulness as well. It helps people attune to what's happening in their bodies, slow down and pause fast energies, wake up and balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Learning to consciously titrate gives people a boost in self-awareness, and confidence in their capacity to change and heal. These basic and natural SE™ practices and tools help people re-enter a traumatized or dissociated body slowly, at their own pace, and gradually (for some) more safely.

Benefits may include...

  • greater connection and ability to be present to self and others

  • ease tensions, stress, symptoms + pain patterns

  • build skills in somatic awareness and capacity

  • grow choice and capacity to be present with various stressors

  • facilitate unwinding of psycho-physical holding patterns

  • balance hormones + support organs including kidney-adrenals

  • relax, restore energy + immune support



Sessions may include Somatic Experiencing, Craniosacral Therapy, and nervous system support through dialogue and supportive bodywork. Clients may be seated, standing, moving, and on table.

60-min session -> $155

75-min session -> $175

-> Flat rates listed. No tipping policy.

*Sliding scale available; priority to BIPOC folks.