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Somatic Experiencing ® (SE), is a body-centered approach to working with stress, overwhelm, disconnection, and traumatic patterns in the body.

SE™ offers a path to attune to what's happening in our bodies, slow down, and cultivate greater balance + resilience in our nervous system. By building somatic skills and growing connection, safety, and belonging in the body, we gain more confidence in ourselves + our ability to change and heal. From that foundation, we may explore deeper emergings, unresolved impulses, and releasing stored energies in the body to allow for greater space, capacity, and integration.

Benefits may include...

  • greater connection and ability to be present to self + others

  • build skills in somatic/self awareness (interoception)

  • grow choice + capacity to be with challenging sensations + emotions

  • facilitate unwinding of holding patterns in the body-mind

  • balance hormones + support organ health including kidney-adrenals

  • ease tensions, stress, symptoms + pain patterns

  • relax, restore energy + immune boost

  • increased quality of sleep + digestion


Somatic sessions provide a space of co-regulating touch, deep presence, and self-inquiry to support the nervous system to metabolize and integrate what's been challenging, and help to settle, resource, and bolster the whole body.


Sessions may include Somatic Experiencing®, craniosacral therapy, and nervous system support through dialogue and gentle bodywork. Clients may be seated, standing, moving, and on table. Clothing on.

55-min session -> $165

70-min session -> $200

*Limited sliding scale available; priority to poc and lgbti+.

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