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Bodywork can bolster deep well-being, connection + integration on many levels. Trauma-informed, healing-centered approach. Gentle skilled touch.

Benefits may include...

  • support nervous system capacity + resilience

  • ease tensions, stress, symptoms + pain patterns

  • facilitate unwinding of holding patterns in the body

  • balance hormones + support organ health including kidney-adrenals

  • relax, restore energy + immune support (think EV charging station)

  • chemotherapy + cancer patient support


Sessions may include Ortho-Bionomy, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, and nervous system support.

60-min bodywork -> $155

75-min bodywork -> $175

90-min bodywork -> $195

-> Flat rates listed. No tipping policy.

-> 5-session packages available

*Sliding scale available; priority to BIPOC folks.




30-min yoga therapy + 60-min bodywork -> $195

30-min yoga therapy + 90-min bodywork -> $225

Personalized yoga followed by bodywork to help facilitate healthy expression, reorganization, and integration of body, heart, and mind.

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