From unwinding tension and overwhelm to relieving pain and discomfort, I offer deep listening and safe ground for bodies to open, express, integrate, and take space in new ways. 

Trauma and accumulated stress (may include pandemic, individual/systemic oppression, or specific events) often feel like heavy loads in our systems, leading to symptoms like body pains, fatigue, insomnia, grief, and anxiety or depression. Somatic healing sessions can offer choices to help lighten the load.


Realign your body's natural rhythms and patterns, and experience the effects of 

greater ease, breath, healing, and resilience. All bodies welcome.

Sessions may include...

  • MASSAGE THERAPY (myofascial therapy, swedish)

  • BODYWORK (ortho-bionomy, craniosacral therapy, acupressure)

  • TRAUMA HEALING (nervous system settling, resilience building)

  • YOGA-MOVEMENT THERAPY (posture, balance, alignment, breath) ​