After 11 bustling years as an entrepreneur in NYC, I was left

feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, and craved for something more. 


In 2011, I met my teacher in Bali. And began a deep plunge into healing through Yoga, Ayurveda, and Kundalini Tantra practices. There, I spent the next 2 years in a daily practice of listening, attuning, (un)learning, digesting, nurturing, and harmonizing. This was the most pivotal and (r)evolutionary time for seeding and experiencing what true embodied health is, and could be. 

Since then, I have devoted my work to body-mind integration, empowerment, and holistic health education through trauma healing on individual to collective levels, trauma of oppression, somatics, yoga, and bodywork. 


I began my technical hands-on schooling at UC Berkeley's Sports Medicine dept, and continued in body therapy programs at McKinnon + SFSM. Trauma healing trainings in Somatic Experiencing (a body-oriented trauma healing modality), Kathy Kain's Touch Skills (trauma resolution work), Resilience and Regulation (developmental trauma work), and Movement for Trauma (somatic exercises to build capacity).


Today, I am supported through the rhythms of Nature, community, dance, meditation, and healing-centered practices. Together, they guide me + ground me into deeper presence, stillness, and attunement with my self + others. 


May all bodies feel safety, well-being, belonging, and dignity.

I offer my deepest gratitude to my ancestors, guides, and teachers.