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Ayurveda is the science of living well and harmoniously. Often called the 'sister science' to Yoga, Ayurveda supports our body-mind systems with personalized daily nutritional & lifestyle practices to help balance our ever-changing internal processes. We draw on the time-honored wisdom of this holistic health tradition to support the modern conditions of today. What follows is greater stability, vitality, ease and resilience of our whole body. 


Together, through a 90-minute Ayurvedic session, we will identify your current state of healthfulness and create a customized plan towards greater whole body balance, flow and integration. 


This may include personalized...

  • daily self-care routines

  • fitness and exercise protocols

  • Ayurvedic nutritional education

  • food planning

  • herbal support

  • 'prescriptive' yoga postures, breath practices & meditation


FOLLOW-UP SESSION (60 min) - $100

Significant weight loss, and getting off blood pressure and diabetes medications, are a few of the tangible results after 7 months...even more important, I see the potential in each new day by using the Ayurvedic practices. I feel a lightness and energy levels I haven't experienced for years, an awareness of my physical body and my relationship to the grounding earth, and a calm. My interaction with Eugenia, and her constant encouragement and inspiration, has brightened my life. - Jon S.

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