Bodywork can bolster deep wellness, connection & integration on many levels. Trauma-informed, healing-centered approach. Safe, non-sexual touch.

Benefits may include...


  • trauma work - support capacity for self-regulation & resilience

  • reduce acute & chronic pain - neck, shoulder, low back sciatica relief

  • optimize range of motion, function & circulation

  • alleviate tensions, stress & headaches

  • facilitate unwinding of psycho-physical holding patterns

  • balance hormones & support organs including kidneys & adrenals

  • relax, reinvigorate & restore energy throughout whole system

  • boost immune system & calm nervous system

  • TMD - TMJ pain relief 

  • Bells Palsy rehabilitation

  • Carpal Tunnel symptom relief




Sessions may include Ortho-Bionomy, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, Myofascial,  Shiatsu and Swedish Massage. 

60-min massage -> $85-165

75-min massage -> $105-185

90-min massage -> $125-205


5 package 60-min massage -> $550

5 package 90-min massage -> $750









30-min private yoga therapy + 60-min massage -> $159

30-min private yoga therapy + 90-min massage -> $199

A continuum of personalized yoga followed by massage therapy & bodywork to help facilitate healthy expression, reorganization and integration of whole body.

Eugenia is a 10 star body worker in a 5 star universe. Her knowledge of the body and her intuition leads to wonderfully therapeutic massage. She brings in wisdom from the Yoga and Ayurveda traditions to help you to become aware of your body. I went in due to stress related pain. Got relief and a practice to do to keep future stress at bay. Highly recommend. - Alan Z, Berkeley

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