• Every Wednesday & Friday 9-10:15am. All bodies welcome. 

  • Online class of gentle to moderate yoga postures, meditation, breath practices, self-care tools, and somatic sequences to support whole body integration, nervous system regulation, optimize circulation and boost immune system vitality.

  • Two-part registration

      1) Sign up here.

      2) Payment -> must be received before class

          Venmo: @Eugenia-Park, PayPal:

  • Sliding scale $1-30. No one turned away.

  • 10% of all proceeds donated to a pro-Black, anti-oppression, anti-racism org, biz or person(s). This week to Black Earth Farms.


  • 60-min session to help reduce stress & anxiety and build capacity, grounding & resilience in our body-mind system. Ideal for those feeling overwhelmed, tense, anxious, and fatigued. 

  • Working directly with the nervous system, endocrine & immune systems to support a more settled yet bolstered physiology. Intention-focused work w/ kidney-adrenals, brain stem, gut & energetic balancing may be involved.

  • Feeling vitalized, grounded and balanced in our system can offer a welcome sense of calm, clarity, choice and agency.

  • Along with my experience as a bodyworker and yoga teacher, I am weaving in the brilliant trauma-healing modalities of Somatic Experiencing, Touch Skills Trauma Therapy and Somatic Resilience & Regulation.

  • Somatic Resourcing Session -> $115. Book here.



  • 60-min session of personalized & accessible yoga postures, meditation, breathwork, sounding and self-massage practices for greater health, balance and a daily self-care routine. 

  • Customized session may include practices for stress/pain relief, increase range of motion & circulation, headaches, TMJ, insomnia, digestive/immune support, mind-body integration, etc. 

  • Bringing in wisdom from yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, qigong, massage therapy, osteopathy and trauma therapy modalities. 

  • Personal Practice Session -> $115. Book here

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