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Eugenia is a 10 star body worker in a 5 star universe. Her knowledge of the body and her intuition leads to wonderfully therapeutic bodywork. She brings in wisdom from the Yoga and Ayurveda traditions to help you to become aware of your body. I went in due to stress related pain. Got relief and a practice to do to keep future stress at bay.  Highly recommend. - Alan

Eugenia is a body healer! This beautiful soul knows and understands the body in ways that I have never experienced in a massage. Not only is she amazing with the body, but she also is deeply tuned into your energy that is incredibly healing. I had ongoing back pain for over a year that dissipated more each time I saw Eugenia. Such a healing, warm, and amazing life changing experience. Eugenia is so easy to talk with, she's aware of every little detail that creates a perfect and peaceful space for healing and relaxation. I recommend her to anyone! She's brilliant, talented, professional, and wonderful! So grateful I met her! - Jessica

You're pouring somatic sanity back into me. - Carter


Eugenia is a gem of a healer. My mind and heart reunite with clarity every time

I have bodywork with Eugenia. Sometimes an unmistakable work or interpersonal direction or decision presents itself; other times, I am relieved of a burden I did not even realize I was carrying. I consider time spent on the table as an investment in mental and physical health whilst doubling as auto-personal-coaching- Bridget

Eugenia truly sees the body as an interconnected whole, including the mind. I appreciate how she gives me tips each time for minor adjustments I can make at home to get my body in better alignment. Before I came to Eugenia, I was so scrunched up that I wasn't even taking full breaths. After one session, I was able to breathe more fully than I had in years-Neha 

Eugenia has an awareness and sensitivity to the body rhythms and timing of her clients. She holds a safe and solid space. Her background in dance enhances her knowledge of the body, in movement and in stillness. - Barbara

Her work is restorative and healing and her sessions add a lot to my quality

of life. She recently did some very focused work on a shoulder issue, and provided relief that I could not get from anything else. I always come out of our sessions feeling much more in-tune and in my body. Thank you, thank you! - Niki

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